" We never recommend
  Others to eat what we do not eat. "

Many people frequently ask me :
" Do you eat any special food as a health food company president? "
Then, I always give the same answer.
" Absolutely, I do eat the best of the food in the World. "
what I say the best is chunho products,
my favorite chunho product is always ready at my home.
There are other chunho products ready In my car.
We, Chunho food, always recommend the food we guarantee.
We place our name only for the product that we regard the best.

One of my employee once asked :
" Why don't you cut down the production cost for making more profit? "
Then I answer :
" Chunho food is not such a company. "
It makes us when we choose the best raw materials
And we offer our products with honest price.
Because we know, when we are sincere to our products, our products is sincere to the customers as well.

I thought that this was a blink of a moment but I have come along for 29 years already.
We have been grown as multi-national health food company, beyond Korea.
It has already started that people around the world such as USA, China, Japan and Russia keep their health with Chunho products.
We will not be changed.
The attitude that Chunho provide the best products.
The trust that Chunho offers honest products.
The promise that Chunho will go along with people all around the World.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Young-Sik Kim