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Characteristic of the Product
1. Products with no additives
Chunho Food’s is like a product name itself. The taste of the product is very deep and thick drink extracted using only the fruit of raisin tree without any other additive per pack. No additives! No preservatives! Only 100% raisin fruit.

2. Thick Raisin Tree for your vibrant life
For many modern people with frequent meetings and business dinners! We recommend you to drink before and after in order to get help for hangover. Start the morning without hangover as if you blew it away. 


1. Hovenia dulcis Thunb?
Oriental medicine – Hovenia fruit was used as a diuretic or a detoxification agent for alcohol. They have also been applied as an antiemetic or for thirst.

2. Research on oriental raisin tree
Recently, oriental raisin tree’s efficacy has been actively researched for the study of oriental raisin tree’s efficacy on improvement of liver function and liver disease, and that of hangover cure.

3. Flavors of raisin tree fruit
The fruit of raisin tree has sweet and slightly sour and bitter taste. It is rich in various nutrients such as sugar.


1. Keep in a cool place or a refrigerator away from direct sunlight.
2. It may have distinct fragrance and subsidence, but they do not mean anything wrong with the product. Also, shake and drink it before you drink.
3. It may vary in flavor and color depending on its country of origin, growth environment and harvesting time
4. Do not use the product in a dilated or deformed container
5. After opening, be careful not to swallow the separate cap or to be out of reach of children.
6. Store the product left after drinking in a refrigerator or drink it up as soon as possible.
7. Extra-sensitive reactions may appear in those who have certain diseases or sensitive or allergy-prone systems and/or are under treatment for illnesses. Must check ingredients for compatibility before taking the product.
8. Excessive drinking do harm to health