Land Snail Juice Premium ProductCode: 4647

  • $150.00
  • 1 Box (80ml x 60 packs)



Dose and method
2-3 times per day, one pack per use, before or after meals. Drink cold or hot depending on preference.

Characteristic of the Product
Land snail juice premium contains edible land snail which is high-protein and low fat, and has rich minerals, calcium and chondroitin.


Land Snail extract 60% (Brix over 6%), Vegetable ingredient extract 40% (Brix over 6% , Jujube, Yongji mushroom, angelica root, Licorice, Astragali radix, Rubi fructus, Cnidium officinale)


Who needs to intake?
• For whom wants to improve immunity
• For whom wants to increase energy


① Keep in a refrigerator or cool place away from direct sunlight.
② It can produce a unique flavor and deposit depending on the nature of the raw materials, however, nothing wrong in quality. Shake and take it with an easy mind.
③ Make sure that people with a very sensitive system, pregnant women, invalids, and children should take after consulting with doctor.
④ Do not use the product in a dilated or deformed container